cave diving

Pure fascination

Cave diving is one of the most fascinating specialties in diving. Serious and professional training and leadership is vital here! Here in Mallorca, the caves are under nature protection, as they often house stalagmites and stalactites that are millions of years old. Therefore we offer training and guided dives in sidemount configuration. This is how we can best protect the decoration and especially the stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Our caves often do not offer a large entrance area, which is why we recommend the combination of Sidemount, Cavern and Cave Diver as a course or certification to bring with you. Of course we also offer guided dives and training for full cave divers.


Not everyone can offer what we offer.


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Over 20 years experience in cave diving in Mallorca.

SCD-HT1 cavern or daylight area

Begin your training in the daylight area of a grotto. Learn step by step what it means to be a cave diver and the responsibilities you take on by earning this title. Solid training and experience in open water is required.

SCD-HT2 Cave or zone of permanent darkness

The darkness is your friend and a total loss of light means relaxation for you? Then we will be happy to teach you how to safely find your way out of your cave in such a situation. Laying lines, mending and setting jumps are also part of this course.

SCD-HT3 full cave or zone of permanent darkness & post siphon/bottlenecks

Where the head fits through, does the rest of the human also fit through? Among other things, we practice passing through bottlenecks, handling stage bottles and creating bottle depots. As a Divemaster cave diver, you also learn to take the lead.

Guided cave dives

Depending on your training, we offer guided cave dives. Since the caves are under nature protection and permits must be applied for, please contact us in good time to arrange appointments.

You can find more information and detailed descriptions of the individual courses on our website:

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frequently asked Questions

What requirements do I have to meet to take part in the courses?

You can find the relevant requirements for each course on our website under education.

I am a cave diver but do not have a sidemount certification. What now?

The legal regulations require the submission of this certificate. You are welcome to book and complete the course with us.

I don't have a diving license or I can't prove it. Can I still participate?

Some organizations have certifications that can be viewed online. Otherwise, you are welcome to take part in our introductory dives or complete an Open Water Diver course with us.