Get to know the Mediterranean Sea


You are looking for Nemo?? We don't find that in the Mediterranean, but there are many other sea creatures and creatures, such as the cute little monk fish, colorful sea peacocks, funny wrasse, schools of bream and gold welts and, with a bit of luck, octopuses and barracudas. Many beautiful rock formations offer space for a varied underwater fauna. Anemones, small corals and starfish can be found at many of our 15 or so sites. One of our guides is always with us. Before we start, there is of course an explanation of the equipment. We take you by boat to places that are difficult to reach from land


All excursions take place on boats that have ladders for boarding and disembarking

Length of time

We are in the water for about 60 minutes. All in all you should plan about 2 hours with us.


We provide a wetsuit, shoes, fins, mask and a snorkel.

You have a question? Then give us a call, right? send us a WhatsApp +34 661 488 680

frequently asked Questions

Do I have to be a good swimmer?

You should be comfortable in the water. We will explain how to swim with fins and the wetsuit will automatically give you buoyancy. We take children as soon as they can swim (from around 6 years old).

Can I snorkel alone or just book a spot on the boat and go swimming?

If we have space on the boat, you can book a place as a "visitor on board". Our boats are designed to carry out activities, they do not offer shade. Due to safety regulations, a guide is always in the water during our activities.