Diving in Mallorca

Discover the beautiful underwater world in Portocolom

dives with us

always take place by boat, are led by a certified guide and are adapted to the weather and ability of the group. We are happy to rent equipment from well-known brands in the industry. A prerequisite for participation is a completed diving license, a corresponding declaration of your state of health and proof of diving accident insurance. Divers under the age of 18 require the signature of a legal guardian.

Are you missing any of these? Don't worry - talk to us and we'll take care of it together with you.

Especially here in Portocolom we have many tunnels, archways and beautiful rock formations where barracudas, groupers and many other fish can be seen.


All dives take place with boats that have ladders for boarding and disembarking.


The duration of a dive is determined by the air consumption and the decompression limit.


Our pitches are 10-40 meters deep. We plan the dive according to your training level.

You have a question? Then give us a call, right? send us a WhatsApp +34 661 488 680


All our dives take place by boat and always include a 12 liter steel tank, weights and a certified guide.

Equipment is rented per day and includes a 5mm wetsuit, shoes, fins, mask, snorkel, computer, buoyancy compensator and a regulator with a 1st stage, a 2nd stage, another 2nd stage as an alternative air supply, as well as an air pressure gauge and a Connection to the BC.

Insurance is offered on a daily basis.

single dive


double dive


Single dive with equipment


Double dive with equipment


Single dive with equipment and insurance


Double dive with equipment and insurance


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More details about our dives

We meet at our dive center in Portocolom and briefly go through the necessary documentation together. We will then show you the base and you will receive your equipment to assemble it. While still in the diving center we change our clothes and cross the street where we are right next to our boats. Here we stow our equipment and enjoy the 5-20 minute drive to our first dive site. We are happy to accept requests to which place we go. If the weather and the group are right, we try to make it possible to offer you an unforgettable experience. Many of our courses have archways, breakthroughs, small tunnels or caverns. Beautiful rock formations are waiting for you and where there are rocks, there is also underwater life. The list of Mediterranean creatures is long, ranging from millimeter-sized crabs and snails to large barracuda, groupers and rays. The latter like to lie down in the sand to sleep -> it's worth checking out here. Schools of bream, goldstripe and damselfish are almost always seen. Moray eels and octopuses can also often be seen. Of course, we are happy to show you small red and yellow corals, as well as beautiful anemones and tube worms.

It doesn't matter whether we do a one-way dive with the boat following us, do a lap around the site or have a turning point, you determine the time underwater by your air consumption and by adhering to the decompression limit. Back at the boat there is a convenient ladder for boarding. You are welcome to leave your equipment on board. Back at our jetty, we take the bottles to the base and enjoy the break here.

Are you dripping wet?? Come in!! We are a diving center and everything is designed so that it can get wet 😉

With a full tank, after about 20 minutes we go back to the boat and we drive to the second dive site. After each dive, our outdoor benches invite you to sit down for a moment, write a log and share experiences.

frequently asked Questions

What requirements do I have to meet to participate in a dive?

A completed diving course must be proven.

Insurance is mandatory in Spain to cover hyperbaric treatment in the event of a diving accident.

When registering, each diver signs that they have a certificate from a doctor confirming that they are fit to dive and fills out a questionnaire explaining their current state of health.

If you are under the age of 18, a legal guardian must come to the base to sign.

I haven't been diving for 1 year or more. Do I need to take a refresher course?

You don't even notice how much you forget over time. Talk to us and we will be happy to clarify whether a refresher course is necessary in your individual case.

I don't have a diving license or I can't prove it. Can I still participate?

Some organizations have certifications that can be viewed online. Otherwise, you are welcome to take part in our introductory dives or complete an Open Water Diver course with us.